Friday, March 26, 2021

Expanding the Centre

 Expanding the Centre

Each one of us carry the centre of the universe. We pass through many thoughts which keep us busy in our day to day activities of limiting our life within our selfish circle. But when one desires to expand the centre, he has to dissolve the thoughts and concentrate on the knower of the thoughts. The mind moves inward and get connected with the centre. He then enter into the space of silence and after dissolution of the thoughts into the space of heart, his centre start expanding. One may call it upward movement of the Kundalini. 

With five namaz a day, the Muslims pray and try to connect the Almighty and unknowingly they get connected with their inner centre of Consciousness. 

Hindus and others do the same. The technique of prayer may be different, but the aim is one, to expand one’s centre of consciousness. 

When the Centre expands, Love expand. 

Why then, there are wars and hatred in this world? Large majority is sleeping and living with contracted centre. When will they awake? The world is in need of expansion of the centre of each individual to unfold the umbrella of love. Hope we get more umbrellas. 

Happy Valentines Day💓💖


14 February 2021


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